Those of you who want to spend your days carefree, on a deserted beach under the hot sun, and surrounded by the beauty of nature, have come to the perfect place.

A vast beach, ready to offer you relaxing moments and privacy, while giving you the opportunity to try out both individual as well as team activities, will be right at your feet, all in a safe and responsible environment.

A beautiful stroll down the seaside to visit one of the amazing restaurants and try the renowned fresh fish is just A must, and afterwards enjoy a refreshing drink in a tastefully designed beach bar, while the kids safely play on the beachwalk.

If you’re more into adventure, and love hiking and biking, there are some stunning trails in the area for you to discover, such as the woods around Mount Cholomon, the narrow streets of Arnaia and many other unique places in the surrounding areas.

After a walk through Aristotle’s Park you will feel part of his philosophical school, having seen up close his original interactive instruments showcasing the physical laws upon which he described his work as a philosopher, in particular in his work Physics.

Another marvelous experience that will bring you even closer to the philosopher is a visit to the archeological site of the ancient city of Stagira, which dates back to 655 BC and was the birthplace of Aristotle.

For those of you who just love to spend a day out at sea, there are plenty of options to choose from, with the cruise around Mount Athos being our top recommendation.

If you want to celebrate a special occasion or just spend some quality time with your company, private cruises can be organized if consulted with the person in charge.

Would you like to visit the beautiful little islands scattered around our amazing coast? No problem, there are boats to rent provided you can drive it on your own.

Ammouliani, one of Northern Greece’s smallest and most charming islands, is the only habited island in Chalcidice. It’s reachable both by boat and the well trafficked ferry. Apart from Ammouliani, there are lots of other islands to visit as well, perfect for scuba diving.

If you’re interested in history and ancient findings but don’t want to leave Ierissos, we have a wonderful folklore museum for you to visit hosted in the cultural center of Ierissos. From time to time you’ll also be able to see art exhibitions, and 3D movies for all ages in the modern projection room.

The Medieval Cemetery of Ierissos will take you on a journey through the history of our area, while a walk in the old village will give you a wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

These, and many more things are waiting to be discovered, regardless if we have the pleasure to host you for several days, or if you decide on a short trip.